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Welcome! Photography is my creative passion and how I share my experience of the world.

"...just wanted to say thanks and great presentation as usual. You seem to get the right balance of wisdom, humility and humour." Donna B, Macksville NSW

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Guestbook for wowfactorpix
dennis woodham(non-registered)
Hi Rob,
Just today purchased one of your photos at the Inverell
art show...congrats for winning the landscape section.
My purchase was....Sketch in a lovely silver frame
Cheers Dennis
Really GREAT photography!
Cynthia Mcbride(non-registered)
Thank you for the very interesting presentation at Toowoomba Photographic Socity meeting in January 2016. The video and stills integration made it outstanding. As of course did the pho graphs. Loved it. Hope you visit again next year! PS.
How do I register for this site?
Tony Sullivan
Well, I decided to register with your site. Looking forward to learning more of your approach to the photographic world. By the way your are fortunate to be able to use Fiona Joy's music. I do something with the Birpai in Port Macquarie and they have also used her work.
Peter Cotton
Life begins at 65 Retirement and photography go hand in hand. Love your pics.
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