Welcome! Photography is my creative passion and how I share my experience of the world.

"...just wanted to say thanks and great presentation as usual. You seem to get the right balance of wisdom, humility and humour." Donna B, Macksville NSW

I regard myself as an artist—photography my medium.

There—I said it!

But it’s not a claim that sits easily, or one that I would have dreamed of confiding a few years ago. Something in the back of my Aussie bloke’s mind whispers, “That sounds a bit pretentious, Rob. Be careful that you don’t sound up yourself”.

Since coming back to photography after a two decade hiatus and experiencing the creative freedom of its golden, digital age, I’ve become obsessed and entranced by the possibility of expressing visually the feelings and ideas that well up when I’m moved by things that I see in the world around me.

I think that I now know what it means to live a photographic life. It’s a state of mind that affects the way you see and think about things. You don’t just look and visually consume the world around you...

...you see the world around you in terms of design, metaphors, aesthetics, juxtapositions and composition—noticing things that go unnoticed by many.

Ultimately, you begin to visualise interpretations of your raw visual world that transcend the documentary and awaken expressive responses from within. When that happens, you realise that you’re not just looking—you’re seeing.

To paraphrase Ned Kelly, such is my life. And I’m loving it. Thank you to my wonderful family who understand and encourage my creative passion.

Rob Smith AAPS

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