Wowfactorpix T-shirts  Fun statements for serious photographers

Want to make a statement about your passion for photography? Check out our range of home-grown philosophy and famous photographer quotes.

Product range selectorProduct category selector Our T-shirts are available in black or white. You can browse the ranges separately by choosing from the drop down box of products. Sizes: V-necked shirts range from size S to XXL. Round-necked shirts range from S to 5XL.


Please shop with confidence. Shirts are printed and shipped direct to you by in Canada. Wowfactorpix receives a commission less than 10%. 

Frightened by shipping costs?

Get a USA postal addressIt's FREE. Australia Post will redirect your shirts, for a fee, to your Australian address. So were we! There is a solution if you're an Australian resident. Establish for yourself an Australia Post ShopMate address. You can use it to have any North American purchases (like T-shirts from delivered to your virtual US address and redirected, for a fee, to you in Australia by Australia Post. If you purchase T-shirts from Wordans, standard shipping is FREE to your USA address.

A size M t-shirt weighs about 135g. For about *AUD$27.90 you can have 500g (3 size M shirts) redirected to your Australian address. For about *AUD$37.70 you can have 1.5kg (8 size M shirts) redirected. 

* prices as per Australia Post's ShopMate webpage December 2016.