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Tacking Point Lighthouse is a popular place by day and night. On weekends you don't have to wait more than a few minutes for another car to arrive. My mission was to create an image that spoke of the comings and goings, and I chose an exposure of one minute at nighttime, exploiting the trails of light drawn by the tail-lights of vehicles arriving. I avoided the headlights of vehicles leaving because the light is harsh and causes flares in the image.

During the exposure, I painted some light onto the leaning banksia tree with a small torch. The tree is no longer there, having been cut down after the roof of a motorhome was damaged when the driver pulled to the side of the road to survey the beach. I witnessed the accident on an early morning walk.

60sec | f6.7 | 14mm | ISO 200 | tripod & light-painting with LED torch | 21 June 2013 ®

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