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Peregrine dreaming

This Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) goes by the name of ‘Neon’. A young male, or tiercel, he is owned by licenced falconer Paul Mander. I was privileged to photograph ‘Neon’ at Paul’s home in 2014.
Ever since I was a boy, I have held the peregrine in the highest esteem; it is my totem bird. Whenever I see a peregrine in the wild I pause and watch its mastery of the air. The image on this card is one from my imagination. It places ‘Neon’ against a composite background featuring a group of galahs and a dead tree at Lake Copeton, where I once witnessed a peregrine, flying stealthily below the line of the hilly horizon, give chase to a grey teal a few hundred metres ahead of it. I was enthralled to see the falcon catch up to and strike the higher flying teal from below. The teal is fast, but no match for the dashing falcon.
In my book, the peregrine is the most awesome of the raptors.
1/3000th | f4 | 600mm | ISO 1600

Des Crawley: Magbloodynificent. Also rich, vibrant and powerful use of proximity and figure ground.

Denise McDermott: This is so very powerful. I can't wait to see your next piece of art.

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Peregrine dreaming