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Tacking Point, Port Macquarie AUSTRALIA

I caught the Little Wattlebird, a species of honeyeater, coming to dry twigs, and replaced the sky background with a photograph of dew on a car. Warming the colour in Photoshop, I thought how it reminded me of honey— the idea of nectar. Then I started to think of the smell of imminent rain at the end of a dry spell—something that I fondly remember experiencing while growing up in the inland of NSW. Rain was always welcome.

What is that smell? Something alluding to that aroma seemed a good title for this image, so I went looking and was delighted to find that Australia's CSIRO has coined a name for it.

Petra (Greek for stone) + ichor (from Greek mythology...the ethereal blood of the Gods). Isn't that just wonderful? Yes it is!

1/4000th | f5.6 | 600mm | ISO 1600 | tripod | 2 May 2016 ®

There should have been a line in 'The Castle' for that. Picture Darryl Kerrigan looking out over Bonnie Doon to an approaching storm..."Ah, how's the petrichor!" :-)

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