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Singing in the shower

Recently the need to explore a way of transplanting deep-etched (separated from background) bird images onto attractive substitutes of authentic vegetation occurred to me. Why?

Often a wonderful image of a bird's behaviour happens against a scrappy background, conferring mediocrity on the whole. The solution was simple: after capturing the good image of the bird's behaviour, look around and find an attractive patch of native vegetation to photograph out-of-focus, and in matching light. With the composite (of good bird + attractive background), I have blended a stock image of dew on a hard surface to support the idea of the wattlebird rejoicing in a shower of rain that sustains its habitat.

1/3000th | f4 | 600mm | ISO 1600 | trpod | 17 Jun 2016 ®

Giang Duong: A very artistic and exquisite image, Rob! Love it!

Fiona Brook: OMG (from someone who generally detests Internet acronyms). Let me say again . . . OMFG!!!! :D

Robyn Mussett: Wonderful.

Diane Hicks That's beautiful Rob.

Terry Rutledge: A beautiful image Rob. You have certainly moved your creative process to a higher level. I too love it.

Fay Renton: Wow just Wow factor Rob! .. Wattle birds are one of my favourite. Your composite shows this little guy off in all his glory!

Tom Sheppard: I have just logged in to fb and came across your image "singing in the shower". It is wonderful of course, and I really like the transitions to and from the singing wattle bird with the high key vignette. However, something isn't working with this image, and I can't put my finger on it. I wish I could because the image deserves it ..... I think that the dew on a hard surface is what is giving the whole image a flat two dimensional aspect. Maybe it is only the border that needs attention - not sure really. My eye wants to look through the image but it is hitting a wall ..... wish I could explain it better. Tom

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Singing in the shower