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Tacking Point, Port Macquarie

I have a soft spot for Little Wattlebirds (Anthochaera chrysoptera). What engaging characters they are—so animated, audible with their clankety clank voices, and reliable in their appearances at favoured locations in their neighbourhood. They seem to be joined at the hip, so to speak, with coast banksias (Banksia integrifolia). Find banksias in flower and you’ll find little wattlebirds in attendance.

Behaviourally, they’re a nature photographer’s model species. Find a prominent perch with clear space around it, or on a flight path between clumps of banksias, and these birds are sure to turn up if you are patient. They’re one of the most demonstrative bush birds and give a photographer ample opportunities to capture images that have more appeal than a static bird on a stick study.

1/250th | f5.6 | 840mm | ISO 2000 | tripod | 22 Jun 2016 ®

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