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Master of ceremonies


What a dapper bird is the Willie Wagtail, found everywhere on the Australian mainland—rarely in Tasmania—and also in New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and eastern Indonesia. Constantly on the move hunting insects and other small invertebrates on the ground or on the wing (hawking), Willie is a busy bird.

They’re aggressive and territorial, and I’ve observed them seeing off a Wedge-tailed Eagle—or was it sheer cheek and torment!

This bird on the wire keeps an eye on the comings and goings of birds to a friend’s birdbath. With its white waistcoat, black jacket, Robert Menzies eyebrows, and incessant movement, it reminds me of a bossy master of ceremonies. An icon of the Australian bush.

1/1500th | f.6 | 600mm | ISO 800 | tripod | 10 Jul 2016 ®

Rob Dunkley: A little bird with great spirit and courage. Will take on cats that come too close to its nesting area. Have seen them rear 2 batches of 2 or 3 chicks each time in the one springtime.

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Master of ceremonies