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I spotted the Superb Fairy-wren atop a Banksia tree on the dune at Lighthouse Beach. Good—a plain sky to make a simple background. Lining the bird up with my telephoto lens, I hoped it would stay put while I framed the shot and locked focus

Beep! The camera signalled 'focus acquired' and I waited for the bird to make a move. When it did, I fired a burst of images at 60 frames per second. This was the best of them.

The image has been processed using Lightroom and Photoshop. A texture of painted concrete from a trig station at Kattang Nature Reserve has been blended with the original capture.

|1/4000th | f8 | 600mm | ISO 1600 | monopod | 28 Aug 2017 ®

Fiona Brook: I am running out of superlatives to describe your work! Most excellent encore! :)

Diane Hicks: Ooohhhhh

Michael Connolly: When's the "Birds of Lighthouse" book coming out? Put me down for a signed copy.

Terry Stormon: great shot Rob.

Ormond Williams: Stunning!

Robyn Mussett: I'm with Fiona. You keep raising the bar.

Thomas Brown: Beautiful imagery Rob, Its always a pleasure to see in my Facebook feed. I really like the smooth gradient in the background, it makes your subject really come forward. Tom

Lynne Royce: Even the bird would be amazed by the beauty you captured in its wings.

Cathie Williams: I need more words. The ones I have just aren't sufficient. Keep amazing and enthralling us Rob.

Neil Black: You continually impress with some amazing shots Rob, but to me this one is on the very top shelf. Thanks for allowing us to enjoy the results of your skills.

Kathryn Rorke: Wonderful Rob!

Sue Robertson: Fabulous image!

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