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Lake Copeton, Inverell AUSTRALIA

A composite artwork celebrating the Peregrine Falcon, my totem species. In my opinion, it’s the most awe inspiring raptor in the world, and a true world citizen, being cosmopolitan.

This male bird (tiercel) is named ‘Neon’, and owned by Mr Paul Mander of Broadwings Australia. The picture places the falcon in the context of landscape elements at Lake Copeton and typical prey; in this case some galahs.

Nothing escapes the scrutiny of the falcon. Launching from a natural pulpit it drops below the treeline to pursue quarry ,undetected, striking from behind. Another peregrine strategy is to plummet from a high position to gain speed and catch its prey. The high speed dive is called a stoop by falconers.

Peregrine image: 1/350th | f4 | 420mm | ISO 400 ®

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