Wanting to acquire examples of unique artwork at the most affordable price?; consider my Wowfactorpix greeting cards. 

With a degree in zoology and a lifelong interest in nature, it's natural that some of my most expressive photographic work is inspired by Australian wildlife. In 2016, I created a series of bird images that emulate the character of 19th century naturalists' lithographs. These are available as signed, art quality prints or as greeting cards.

The entreatyThe entreatyTacking Point, Port Macquarie AUSTRALIA

A moment set in stone. A male—I assume because it is larger and demonstrative—Little Wattlebird (Anthochaera chrysoptera) pleads from a subordinate position on the perch hierarchy. I’ve observed this behaviour many times. The male fluffs its plumage to appear larger and faces the female to reveal its bright orange gape.

This is a composite image that subjugates the twiggy stage and bland sky background of the original capture. The added texture is cracked concrete on a footpath near the lighthouse, chosen for its lines and their resonance with the tree sculpture.

1/1500th | f4 | 600mm | ISO 1600 | tripod | 26 Apr 2016 ®

The cards are crafted by blending the aesthetics of traditional nature photography with those of expressive fine art, supported by narrative. Each card depicts an artwork and its title on the front, while the back of the card contains something that I have written about the natural history of the species depicted, or an anecdote describing the capture and post-processing of the image. The back of the card also shows the technical data related to the original image; these are of interest to photographers.


The cards are are commercially printed in CYMK process colour, on 300gsm silk finish stock. They're A6 size (148x105mm), supplied with post-office-preferred C6 size white envelopes, and blank inside—ready for you to write your personal message.

A6 portrait format cardsA6 portrait format cards

A6 landscape format cardsA6 landscape format cards

Personal touch

Although the cards are commercially printed, they are shipped back to me and I personally emboss each one with my falcon logo before sending them to my customers.  

Embossed Wowfactorpix logoEmbossed Wowfactorpix logo

Where can you purchase Wowfactorpix greeting cards?

You can purchase my cards from this website. You'll find the collection of cards and shopping cart facility in the Greeting Cards gallery. You can purchase cards singly or in mixed packs of your selections to benefit from more economical shipping.

Simply click on each of the designs that you want to select them, and then click the 'BUY' button and follow the prompts.

Alternatively, you can purchase pre-selected, mixed packs from the Wowfactorpix shop on etsy.com, the "global marketplace" for hand-crafted creative goods.