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Buachaill On Eirne

(The Boy From Erne)

Lately I've helped friends to preserve some of their music in the form of video productions.

Some got together at Paddy's Pub at the Inverell Pioneer Village to support Jim Hanlon as he sang 'The Boy From Erne' in Gaelic. I wasn't there.

The bedrock for this production was recorded by Jim Schliebs using a tripod-mounted DSLR camera and three mobile phones to augment the audio. I received the raw materials, along with some digital photographs of Ireland and 'Ireland-looking' Australian scenes, on a USB stick on Friday. I have added some of my images and stock video footage to support the endeavour.

Jim Hanlon provided a hand-written copy of the lyrics in Gaelic and English. I'm fascinated by the quaint lyrics as well as amused, and likening some of the phrasing to scripts in the Father Ted TV series (a Smith family favourite).

I laughed when I read the line "And your kiss is no more to me now than a shoe worn for a year." The "nice young girl" might take that as a backhanded compliment...or worse?

Narrator lead vocal and guitar: Jim Hanlon

Guitars: Jo Peel, Peter Abbington-Bruce, Michael O'Sullivan

Violin: Maria Figuerola

Chorus: Andrew Fuller, Jo Peel, Michael O'Sullivan

Videographer: Jim Schliebs

Still images: Jim Schliebs Jim Hanlon & Rob Smith
Stock video footage: Rob Smith
Video editor: Rob Smith


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