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Ryebuck Shearer

Unedited clip of the Australian folk song 'Ryebuck Shearer' performed by the Wild Billy Lids at Inverell's Australia Café on 6 September 2018.

"...ryebuck, is probably a Yiddish word and a variant of German reibach ‘profit’. It became common in Australia in the 1890s as an expression of agreement or assent (much the same as ‘all right’) and as an adjective meaning ‘good, excellent’. As with jonick, it had largely disappeared by the 1950s, although it has been retained as the title of a popular Australian folk song ‘The Ryebuck Shearer’ (the expert or ‘gun’ shearer)."

Filmed with a mirrorless camera and a fisheye lens. Audio is via the camera's on-board microphone; not bad in this wind free environment.

L-R: Michael OSullivan, Jim Mc Cosker, Robert Hardy, Maria Ryan.

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