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Our Sunshine (Ned Kelly)

A grab of part of a performance of Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill's song about Ned Kelly, 'Our Sunshine'.

The performers are the Wild Billy Lids and the venue is Inverell's Australia café. Where else can you get such a free concert with your lunch?

The lady playing the violin is Maria Ryan who trained at the Barcelona Conservatorium of Music. I've had a bit of fun with a gesture she made to a friend in the audience. I hope she doesn't mind!

Just sayin', you Wild Billy Lids, I think you should add Charlie Daniels', 'The Devil Came Down from Georgia' to your repertoire so we can hear Maria really cut loose.

This video was shot with a mirrorless camera and a fisheye lens. The fisheye allowed me to get in close and maximise the presence and perspective effect of the violin bow's movement.

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