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Vigilance #2

Vader perched on a raptor post in dappled shade. I used a telephoto lens at full open aperture to make the bird stand out.

To that end, I asked Paul to position the post with a decent gap between it and the background—a couple of metres or more—to make it easier for me to separate the falcon from the background with focus.

From the angle chosen for this image, a bright green plant dominated the background. It was too much for my taste, although satisfactorily softened with the focal length/aperture combination I had chosen.

Lightroom to the rescue! I desaturated the green by manipulating the saturation slider for green in the HSL panel. I also altered its hue using the hue slider.

For my taste, the subdued olive-hued background works better with the peregrine's plumage, particularly when complemented with the digital frame with noise added. These are colours of Australian bushland.

Serendipitously, some of the blurred lines in the background combine as metaphors for a bird in flight—the falcon or its prey?

1/350th | f2.8 | 300mm | ISO 400 | handheld with VR on ®

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Vigilance #2