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Created 22-May-15
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Images by photographers who attended my first on-location workshop—at The Backwash, Port Macquarie—as part of the 2015 Northern Zone Photographic Convention.

Inviting participants to send a few of their images to me after the event, I committed to selecting, critiquing and interpreting one image from each participant, making all of the adjustments in Adobe Lightroom CC to show what can be done with that tool alone. I have returned to each of the participants a .DNG copy of their file which they can open in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw to study the adjustments I have made.

Naturally, my processing interpretations of the images are subjective, and a reflection of my tastes and proclivities. Other photographers will have different and equally valid views.

You photograph with all your ideology—Sebastião Salgado

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by Mark Townsend

by Fay Renton

by Janette Coppock

by Roly Anderson

by Marg Penberthy

by Annette Brauer

by Helen Rushton

by Bronwyn Ellis

by Di Hall

by Terese Johnston