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Vegemite Vee Dub

Silverton NSW: My tribute to Peter Browne’s quirky art.

Arriving early at the Silverton gallery, to avoid tourists in the frame, I was disappointed by the overcast conditions, and needed to compensate. Setting the camera on a tripod, I engaged the self-timer and stood to the right with a single flash to simulate low angled sunlight on the Volkswagen beetle.

After cloning out an unwanted powerline, I retrieved appropriate supporting imagery from my photo database: Strzelecki Desert galahs and corellas; a Walgett emu; a Tibooburra magpie; and a raven from Newcastle.

Why the Vegemite jar? Browne used it as a pigment to paint his caricature emus on the VW.

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Vegemite Vee Dub