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The final shore

Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie NSW: Why photograph a dead bird? It's not 'pretty'.

Because it moves me. Because I'm in awe of the migratory feats of the shearwater. Because I've seen these birds skimming gracefully and rhythmically along the crests and through the troughs of ocean swells far from land. Because I marvel at how they leave young in burrows on the mainland to forage in Antarctic waters a thousand kilometres distant, and return to feed those young many days later.

Because I find it poignant that this shearwater washed up on a beach near my home at the end of its amazing such exquisite light.

My photograph is a tribute to the mutton bird—meaningful to me, and reason enough to make it.

Have you ever flown over an ocean? If so you'll recognise the similarity between the lines in the sand and ocean swells, the province of the shearwater.

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The final shore