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Final assault

"A superb moment illustrating the force of the ocean and rendered in a manner to create a sense of primeval and malevolent power. This is no longer a wave. It is a metaphor for time and power; of the unremitting and unforgiving forces of nature captured here in their seductive beauty. The wave has a morphic quality akin to a raging beast. Delightfully lit with the light pattern offering a unity in composition aided by the presence of the bird wheeling ahead of ‘the monster’ that has just awakened. Superb. Hmm…there is an object (possibly a pelican) near the highlight at top right that is distracting! :-)" Prof. Des Crawley

The Backwash, Port Macquarie NSW: A Pacific breaker rears up in a dragon-like form, a dissipating wave is rim lit by the morning sun and an Australasian Gannet (Morus serrator) wheels behind the break. Such spectacular waves are common at The Backwash after heavy weather.

WINNER of Interpretive Section of ANZANG 2012 (South Australian Museum annual nature photography competition)

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Final assault