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Lucent shroud

"A superb image. Raking light, roiling sea and sky merged and blended to create a profound atmosphere. The image has a luminous quality offering depth as well as inviting exploration of the wave and mist elements. The directional but soft light effect across the top half of the image contributes to the mood and the relationship between the storm-tossed elements. A delightful effect offered in the way light has been managed to locate the higher key on the surface of the water adjacent to what appears to be a heather clad outcrop. This gives depth and viewer focus. A high quality statement."
Prof. Des Crawley

2011 Photograph of the Year
(Port Macquarie Camera Club)

The Backwash, Port Macquarie NSW: My opinion on arrival at The Backwash was that the conditions were bloody awful. Flat. Boring. I wanted dramatic seas and action. Now!

BUT...we were on a mission. And I was under pressure to perform. Many know that this is my special spot and I might be expected to come away with something at least ‘OK’—if not spectacular.

Well, the benign conditions were a blessing in disguise. They forced me to look even closer—at a place I’d visited 200+ times—to find something new, even though I felt that it held no visual stimulation for me on that day.

What resulted is an illusion. Is this a headland in a hurricane? A close-up view conjures the chaos.

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Lucent shroud seascape