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Rabbit trapper #1 (Cliff Beard)

En route from Toowoomba to Inverell, Ruby and I stopped at Texas QLD for a coffee. I was intrigued by the historic information signs outside building in the main street. Why would a town adopt a pest (the rabbit) as its emblem. Not that I thought the plasma cut stainless steel plates with the rabbit shape cut-out looked bad. They look great!

I mentioned them to an old gentleman sitting on a bench seat outside a café.

Cliff (b. 1932) was a rabbit trapper in the Texas district. He told me "No-one ever went hungry in Texas during The Depression. We had the rabbits to keep us going."

At Lyla's (Cliff's wife) suggestion, we visited the Texas Rabbit Works, an historic, community-run tourist attraction in the town that opened in 2017. It is fantastic! I highly recommend it and will be returning to do more photography there.

I made this composite image to honour Cliff and Texas, and will send him a signed and embossed print.

1/1500th | f1.2 | 50mm | ISO 400 | handheld ®

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Rabbit trapper #1 (Cliff Beard)