The (free) Picture now a blog!

Friends and supporters of Wowfactorpix can receive notification of a Picture Postcard blog post. It's a collection of web resolution photographs and some commentary, and an occasional essay. The pictures are more than snapshots, and techniques are explained where they've played a significant role in the execution. I discuss the creative process behind my image making. Many have commented that it's a welcome arrival in their inbox: a few minutes to enjoy some interesting pictures - a gem amongst the spam!

These days, the Picture Postcard is published as a  blog. Pop-up panels show extra material such as commentary or RAW file appearance as captured by the camera. In those cases, the viewer can see the before and after versions of the image, to understand how the image has been processed.

iPad cannot deliver the full experience!

Unfortunately, the interactive content in archived interactive PDF versions of PP is not viewable on an iPad (take it up with Apple!), or a web browser. To get the full experience, it's best to download an archive edition and view it on your computer using Adobe's free Reader. Picture Postcard archives

It's free! You don't even have to feel obliged to reply - but if a picture moves you and you want to comment, I always appreciate receiving some feedback.

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"Hi Rob.  I always read your postcards with great interest. It disappoints me that I did not get to know you better all those years ago. You have a wonderful eye and an incredible mind that sees so much more than we mortals. Your pictures are glorious, and showing us the effects you have used is always intriguing. But most of all it is your extra sense of the world we live in - the past, present and future. I always enjoy your thoughts and perspectives on the world and people around you. I am in awe of your talent. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us." Ruth, Port Macquarie

"THANK-U for the lovely Picture Postcards, they truly are inspirational some of them. Overall they install a ray of sunshine in my day" Anne, Port Macquarie

"The only e-mail I enjoy reading Rob! Keep it coming." Mike, Port Macquarie

"Hi Rob, I just wanted to say that your pictures are absolutely amazing!!! I sincerely look forward to your email each and every time you press send and it reminds me to pursue my dreams and go after the things that i am passionate about. You and your work are an inspiration and i cannot tell you how many times it has reinforced to me that hard work, passion and risk taking can produce incredible results. I say 'keep up the good work'. Take care and go get 'em." Kylie, Gold Coast, Queensland

"Good on you... and keep the picture postcards coming... we love looking at them." Andy, Scotland

"Rob, thank you for the 'pictures' & dreams & memories - especially the Silverton Hotel." Jenny, Goulburn

"Man, I gotta tell you - these are unbelievable images. That's it, I give up photography forever. :>) Tacking Point - Pre Dawn is brilliant. Counter Point is another favorite - something about the way the colors mix and the dynamic motion and imagery - unbelievably beautiful - raw power and beauty. I'd like to see about getting a print of this one - wow.

Yep, that's it - I give up. Send me your address and I'll give you my camera. :>) Anyway, once again, you are the Olympus Outdoor Imagery Kung Fu Master. Oh, by the way, congrats on the latest MFT Hall Of Fame award. Awesome man, just awesome." Tom, USA

"I have enjoyed receiving your Picture Postcards, so please continue sending me those! :-) Lots of good pictures and ever so nice to see something from the other side of the world. I also think you have improved a lot since you first started posting at MFT. Your pictures were good then as well, but I think you keep on getting better and better." Caroline, Norway

Footnote: Caroline Skilbred, photographer, internet friend, died after a prolonged battle with cancer on Friday 28th March, 2008. May she rest in peace.