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The Picture Postcard (PP) was first published on 8 September 2005. Early issues were weekly HTML emails. Next came interactive PDFs. The PP is now produced as a blog and PDF back-issues are available below.

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The PP is free! You don't even have to feel obliged to reply - but if a picture moves you and you want to comment, I always appreciate receiving some feedback.

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Edition (pages)

Key content
2013 #01  Jan(14) 'A time to remember'; 'Teinte rouge'; Gallery: New England and outback, Dirranbandi; Amotz Plessner soundtrack
2012 #08  Dec(15)

Sea Acres solo exhibition. New website launched. 'Ebor nuggets'; 'Flat white'; Tableau™ canvas mounts

Article: "Artist's statement"

2012 #07  Oct(15)

'Final assault' and 'Kangaroo grass' ANZANG success; Gallery: People

Article: "On accepting criticism"

2012 #06  Sep(14) First PP with sound effects!; 'Tough love'; 'Pessimist's outlook'
2012 #05  Jul(14)

Gallery: Outback trip including Mutawintji hillside series

Article "New horizons or new vision?"

2012 #04  Mar(13)

Retirement musing; Diamond Head series; 'Tell me what you really think of me'; 'Lumenoptera nocturne'

Article "Is computer wizardry a substitute for fundamental artistic skills?"

2012 #03  Feb(12) Broken camera; 'The small hours'; 'Rock of nurture'; 'Lucent shroud' insights; Gallery: Contemplative
2012 #02  Jan(11)

Processing insights 'Glancing light #2'; 'Attack of the alien floss'; 'Fences roll forever'; 'Be very afraid, Billy'

Gallery: Soft seascapes

2012 #01  Jan(7)

'Invite the roar'; 'Black and tan'; 'Trident'; YouTube forays; Before and after 'Seascapist' and ND filter mystery
2011 #01  Jan(7) 'Orbmaster'; 'Hoverflowers' depth of field; 'Mt Seaview valley' composition
2010 #18  Dec(7) 'Wetland flags';'The Good Shepherd'; 'Pan australis' and the music of Fiona Joy Hawkins
2010 #17  Oct(7) 'Sidelined' a picture interpretation; muttonbirds 'The final shore', 'Transequatorian'
2010 #16  Oct(7) 'St Mary (of the Cross) MacKillop'; 'Myriad cascade'; 'It is written'
2010 #15  Oct(7) 'Lifeblood (revisited)'; pictures within the picture 'Severn Falls bend'; 'Eddy fallout'; 'Mocha marble'
2010 #14  Oct(7) 'Lifeblood'; 'On the skids'; 'Shep incarnate'; 'Len's passion'
2010 #13  Sep(7) 'Lucent shower'; 'Jurassic Park'; 'Whiskers'; 'Losin' it'; 'Wrestlers' imagined seeing
2010 #12  Sep(7) 'Envelope'; 'Roger Glover (Deep Purple)'; 'Terrestrial echo'; 'Wind in the willows'
2010 #11  Sep(7) 'Aartzvagen'; 'Silverton Browne Bug; 'Peter Browne's Beetle'; 'Dappled sanctuary'; 'Elastic sides II'
2010 #10  Sep(7) 'Last year's crop'; 'Dry swamp'; 'Bergen op Zoom';
2010 #09  Aug(7) 'Breaking bight'; 'Pol Blue Creek'; 'Invasion'; 'Walk of life'; 'Heel, Jonathan!'; 'On the town'
2010 #08  Aug(8)

'Cape mantle' monochrome conversion; 'Trident (1)'; 'Glass curtain'

Article: "My roller coaster ride"  big wake-up call

2010 #07  Aug(7) Visualisation; 'Surrender'; 'Encouragement'; 'Fruit seller'; 'Cometh the storm'; 'Wrath of the firmament'
2010 #06  Aug(7) Not so smart IT man; 'Cooyar'; 'Shore lace'; 'South Gate - Angkor Thom'; 'Efficacy'
2010 #05  Jul(7) 'Café under the giant'; 'Thunderwall'; 'Astrosurf'; 'Break dance'; 'Nocturne shining'; 'Ascendancy'
2010 #04  Jul(7) Ansel Adams; 'Moonrise, Horsebonez, 2008'!; 'Minority'; 'Strata'; 'Cassilis chalk';
2010 #03  Jul(7) 'Into the night'; 'River red gum'; 'Triumvirate III'; 'Nuggets'; 'Swirl of nations'; '
2010 #02  Jul(7) 'Across the Liverpool Plains'; 'Waterhole'; 'Tinsel'; 'Sanctuary's edge'; 'Four amigos'
2010 #01  Jul(7) The first interactive PDF Picture Postcard; 'Pilgrimage'; 'Streamdust'; 'Sapa fish dish'; 'Water borne'