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Styx pinnacles nocturne (Aluminium panel)

As homework for a special interest group in my photographic club, I started out doing some indoor (tabletop) photography on a wet Sunday to make some images of natural objects that have some resonance with the inspiring architecture of Iraqi-born architect Dame Zaha Hadid. My homework turned out...well...deletable, so I went off on a tangent, combining light painted captures of two interesting stones, and an emu egg—from my cupboard of interesting stuff—and some stock images from my collection. Lots of fun. The real location that inspired this work is Copmanhurst Gorge on the Clarence River where I have enjoyed some wonderful nights fishing for bass. ®

Robyn Mussett: Wonderful composite of objects injected with imagination

Barbara Sheppard: Oh Rob, I think you deserve a HD for this. Well done.

Des Crawley: Classic imagined vision and super refined expression.

Denise McDermott: Brilliant!
Des Crawley: It is brilliant...but in stating so all you are doing is encouraging him......and so makes it hard for the rest of us mere mortals!!! How someone can go fishing for bass and come back with images is simply a wonder!

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Styx pinnacles nocturne (Aluminium panel)